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Our mission from the beginning was to provide cosy, quirky, watertight and handmade accommodation to festival goers across the land. We wanted to create a unique, luxury yurt village with lovely staff at hand to help make our guests feel at home and offer them an authentic, bohemian experience. 

Justine and Simon have been well known in the Glamping and Festival scene all around the world having run many events and festival sites all around the Uk and Panama.

Due to the effect of Covid Justine and Simon decided that after so many years on the road it was time to lay down some roots and focus on speciality festivals including the prestigious Glastonbury who have worked with them for years, corporate events and glamping sites.

Skytents - About


Skytents is Justine & Simon Jameson, We focus on large tent, yurt and custom canvas design, manufacture, installation, sale, and hire.
By combining modern concepts and an age-old design, we have created a product that has proved to be a huge hit! Our outstanding reputation in the world of glamping and events comes from our attention to detail, pristine interiors and high-quality customer service before, during and after all events.

Justine and Simon have over 36 years combined experience in yurt and canvas product manufacture meaning any product small or large will be to the highest of standards. With no idea being out of reach, Simon and Justine will take you through your idea from start to finish making sure you get the product you dreamed of.

We work as sustainably as we possibly can sourcing materials as locally as we can, recycling waste and keeping our carbon footprint as minimal as possible.

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a proud family business

One thing we have always prided ourselves in is supporting local, family businesses and cottage industries. All our cleft ash wooden pegs are purchased from HW Morgan & Sons who have been a family run business since 1920.

We pride ourselves on recycling as much as possible, even our empty cardboard tubes from our fabric are donated to the local pre school for them to put to good use.

When arranging deliveries we always try to make the most of journeys utilising as much space as possible and delivering more than one product at a time to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our History


Justine moved from Sunderland when she was 12 with her family to the beautiful countryside, it was at this point she found her affinity for the beauty and love of nature.
In 1972 she had her beautiful son, as a young single mum she decided it was her time to help other people she volunteered for The Princes Trust to help other single mums better themselves.
From there Justine followed her heart of spirituality, nature and helping people and became an Iyengar yoga teacher and qualified photographer. Through this she realised her connection to helping people and making people feel happy!

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All About Si

Simon started his yurt adventures whilst living in Ireland in his 20s where he studied permaculture and natural building.

Having always had an affinity for natural materials and the outdoors he starting wandering the woods coppicing ash and hazel and making yurts using sustainable materials. After trying to out source his canvas covers he soon realised that making them himself would ensure a higher quality product. He then sourced canvas from the leading uk supplier to make the coverings and his love of yurts began. Purchasing a second hand sewing machine he taught himself how to make snug fitting covers that compliment the beauty of the handmade wooden frame perfectly.

Moving back to England he lived in the Northumberland countryside at Burnlaw near Whitfield where he enjoyed an off grid simple lifestyle and soon met Justine, sharing his real love and passion for nomadic structures Justine soon realised that Simon could simply see a picture in his head and bring it to life so he taught Justine how to make yurts and the business began.

The company grew fast and was a huge success until the dreaded appearance of COVID, during the two years of simply no work Simon realised he missed the simpler times of being able to enjoy the great outdoors and nature and now is more than happy to focus on using his creative talents making beautiful handcrafted structures and going back to where it all started.

When Justine

Met Si

In 2006 Justine met Si, as a couple who loved the wonder of nature and people, they began to explore each others talents. They came up with a wonderful idea of making sustainable children’s play houses using natural materials that would all be made from hand and so from there the idea of Yurts and Squrts took shape!

Over the years the business took off, leading to Justine travelling the world with so many people wanting her expertise to run glamping and festival sites. In true Justine fashion she kept her loyalty to her well trained team and took them along for the ride.
In 2020 the world changed for everyone with Covid rearing its ugly head. During this time there were no festivals and no glamping and lockdown commenced.

Justine & Si

CO Founders

Life Long


It was in this time that Justine found her future life, after being on the road for over 19 years it was time to find herself again, in which she did! She lived her life long dream of owning her own pony  and got back to her roots within nature and eventually being able to spend quality time with those people around her that she had missed so much while being away.
Realising the importance of having a home life Justine decided to down size the company allowing her to focus on speciality festivals, events and also maintaining the manufacturing side of the company, but also allowing herself finally to enjoy the life she had worked so hard to achieve. Her family, friends and animals!
If you are looking for someone to help make your event something to remember full of love and memories, while having the full advantage of years of experience and professionalism then look no further Justine is the lady for you.

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