Hand Crafted




All of our yurts are handmade in Northumberland with British canvas, and locally sourced wood.

Yurts give you the perfect intimate setting for banquets, chill out spaces, workshops, therapy rooms, woodland classrooms and places to sleep!

Our yurts can be joined together to create ‘multi yurts’, becoming a yurt complex that has several rooms joined together to make a versatile space whether for living in or housing an event.

All the wood we use is sustainably sourced locally. The majority of our wood comes from woodland management programmes and areas that most people would find difficult to access, meaning this wood is put to good use instead of simply being left to rot. We extract the timber using a unimog or sometimes using traditional techniques with a horse and drag.

Our Platforms

& Flooring

If you are looking to keep your structure up on a more permanent basis we highly recommend considering a platform or segmental flooring to provide a solid foundation for your structure.


& Liners

A cosy felt liner to keep your yurt tasty all year round. The insulation we use is a fully recycled material using carpet factory off cuts and edge trims. It is then converted into fibres and made into recowool underlay creating a soft, warm insulation to keep you toasty all year long.

As our insulation is made from recycled materials a fitted liner is required to stop fibres that may cause allergies. Our liners are made from poly cotton and come in a wide range of appealing colours.



Our 100% wool yurt insulation felt is manufactured in the UK. It provides excellent thermal insulation. Wool is a naturally fire resistant material. The wool, which is a by-product from another industry, is tightly needled onto a strong scrim (a carrier for the wool).

Yurt Felt

Product description
100% Wool virgin animal fibre. Roll width: 1.4m. Nominal weight: 1000g/m².

Flue Flashings

We recommend twinwall flue for use in our yurts as this is the safest option when installing a woodburning stove. We fit a heat proof flashing into the roof cover at your choice of location depending on where you want to position your stove. The flashing comprises of EPDM rubber, temp range -40 to 115 degree C. Fits twinwall flue o.d. 110-200mm. (80-150mm i.d)base diameter. Includes inner backplate, silicone sealant and fixing bolts and nuts. We fully prepare the canvas and fit the flue flashing for you.


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